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Its more than just Screens...

It's 70 years of innovation inspired by the professionals and fit for you.

Tecom Electronics manufactures TecPodium. All-in-One Multimedia Lecterns, with its streamlined, contemporary design and fully integrated solutions. Tecom also offers lecture capture devices, PTZ cameras and accessories for the professional markets and has gained great success worldwide in various organizations in education, government facilities, conference centres and houses of worship.

Lecture recording...
Simple, Easy and Affordable!


Fully integrated stylish multimedia lecterns and podiums

Large Venue    •      Installation     •     Business & Education


“Financing Solutions for Technology Projects”

Technology is ever-evolving and advancing. Technology also depreciates at an alarmingly rapid pace. Learn about a financial solution that will lift the burdens of having to own the technology. Discover Shield, AV Equipment as a Service. The way to pay for AV technology that gives you flexibility, control, and peace of mind in a monthly payment.

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